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Sources of Money

Ironwood can raise money for your company.

Our broad network of associates includes many sources of money, both debt and equity. Our corporate finance services can help you determine the best source of financing for your company, and how to best position you to get it.

Principal or Intermediary

We maintain close contact with both principal and intermediary sources of capital.

Our principal sources include banks, pension funds, investment managers, private equity funds, professional angels and individuals.

Our intermediary sources include investment banks, merchant banks, asset based lenders, factors and brokers.

Cost and Eligibility for Borrowing or for Equity Capital

Ironwood's approach to raising capital for you is to get intimately familiar with your company in order to determine what the optimum type and source of capital would be, and how to best qualify your company to get it. We realize the assessment of a company's creditworthiness is typically not viewed by potential lenders or investors as favorably as it is by current owners. That may be a matter of substance or it may be a lack of effective communication. Our services will resolve the substance issues and present your story in the most effective way to remove obstacles to a successful financing.

We may recommend debt (on the face more costly, yet often less expensive in the long run) or equity (on the face less costly, yet typically more expensive over time).

In the course of our analysis we may find it makes sense to consider five or ten different types of debt or numerous sources of equity. These recommendations will depend upon a variety of factors which we learn in the course of discussions with you, reviewing your company's situation, or helping you construct a financing business plan. Some of this analysis will be transparent if Ironwood has already been engaged to provide consulting services - restructuring, interim management, strategic redirection, etc. - while others will be employed with the specific intent of positioning the company for financing. [See: Corporate Finance] Ironwood will help you navigate the often obscure and difficult-to-understand processes of qualifying and securing funding.

Off Balance Sheet Financing

In some cases it is preferable to secure financing which does not appear as a liability on your balance sheet. Most often this is done by purchase and leaseback or simply by leasing in the first place.


Ironwood personnel have raised over $100 Million for various early, mid and later stage companies over the years. The firm has contacts and sources of funds primarily on the west coast but also in Chicago, Boston, New York City and the Florida area.

Relations with Other Financing Institutions

Ironwood maintains cordial and productive relationships with numerous investment banks, merchant banks, asset based lenders and brokers. Our first option is to provide a direct source of funding by creating a relationship between your company and the principal source of funds. In some cases, however, we may find it appropriate (greater flexibility or less cost or both) for your company to finance through Ironwood's intermediaries.,.

Indeed, Ironwood invites relations with investment banks, merchant banks, asset based lenders and brokers as we can be of assistance to these intermediaries in due diligence studies, project completion, interim management and other services which serve to benefit and protect both your company and the intermediary.

If you have questions or need additional information, please contact Edward Story, Managing Partner, at 866-692-1600.

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